SE and SE 252nd Pl. Built on an abandoned rail line, the Cedar River Trail is a fine addition to King County's recreational trail system. Motorized vehicles and horses are not allowed on the trail. room for 2 or 3 trailers on both sides of the road. Trail Map . The parking areas (see above) will be on the You can bypass about a mile and a half of the Pipeline Trail using these trails, although staying on the Pipeline Trail will offer quicker walking if you are pressed for time. Enjoy the long ride along the Cedar River's valley. This bus has a sparse schedule, so plan you arrival at Renton careful to avoid a long wait. Turn right and follow the trail eastward. Easy. From route 18, go south on this until the road turns The Cedar River Trail is 12.6 miles long and is ten feet wide. Near Landsburg, the trail passes through wild, wooded River Bend Park, a delightful spot to take a break. and the name changes. The Cedar River Trail itself cuts through the peninsula forming River Bend Park in an impressive 100 foot deep trench. There is a lot of variety on the Cedar River Trail Run course! Post Comment. If all goes well, you will soon emerge onto the wide gravel-surfaced Cedar River Trail. 3:55. A sturdy old railroad bridge on the Cedar River Trail. Water Repair Seattle Public Utilities maintains 1,600 miles of water pipes. Poop can’t ruin the beauty of this river and the status building plumped in the middle. Time Lapsed Cedar River Trail ride... Good Day.. Time Lapsed Cedar River Trail ride... Good Day.. The Pipeline Road from Landsberg Rd eastward is one of the About 100 yards before the fence, a little forested ridge rises up on the right. The pipeline passes though Seattle’s northern Eastside suburbs, and the pipeline’s 100-foot-wide right-of-way has been converted in part to a non-paved, multi-use trail for equestrians, dog walkers, mountain bikers, joggers, and hikers. Please consider joining or donating to the local trail association to support trail development & maintenance. Turn left at 233rd Way and follow the street a quarter mile to the wide swath of the Pipeline Trail, which is the right-of-way of a major water pipe serving the Seattle area. About 45 miles long, it originates in the Cascade Range and flows generally west and northwest, emptying into the southern end of Lake Washington. Trail map of the Cedar River Trail (WA) from I-405 at Cedar River Park (Renton) to Landsburg Rd. The Hood River Pipeline Trail starts near a railroad trestle and old powerhouse off Oregon Highway 35 two miles from downtown Hood River, Ore. With greenery on both side of the river here, you can enjoy a quiet respite here with a scenic view across the way. Beyond Maple Valley the surface is crushed gravel, and the … Landsberg Trailhead parking area, 1-2 trailers at end of trail at From the west/south: Four Corners (between Maple Valley The Pipeline Road from Landsberg Rd eastward is one of the main access points for the Danville-Georgetown Trails that lead off from either side of the road at various … From the north: Landsberg Road is also known as Issaquah-Hobart Cedar River Trail Loop is a 14.1 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Renton, Washington that features a lake and is rated as moderate. Where it ends and joins Landsberg Road, turn Summit Landsberg Road. About the This bridge brings you to the undeveloped, heavily wooded River Bend Park, which occupies a point of land formed by a sharp curve in the river. Washington, Dash Point Park and Beach walk to Saltwater State Park, East Kent Ramble: Lake Youngs to Lake Meridian, Olmstead Trail II: Columbia City to Leschi, The Burke-Gilman Trail and Union Bay Natural Area. Backpacking and Longer Excursions from Seattle, Cascade Mountain Backpacking from Stevens Pass. No obstacles. There are no trail connections across Rock Creek. The trail was constructed along an historic railroad corridor and passes through miles of evergreen forests and past several communities. In a half mile or so, you will see a signed trail heading right into the woods. At 17.4 miles in length the CRT is a paved, off-road trail for the first 12.3 miles, and features a soft surface for the last five miles. Spectacular canyon views. Road/SE 276th. Landsberg South parking area. The trail is primarily used for road biking and mountain biking and is best used from May until October. Add Check-In. Previously an unused railroad corridor, this "rail-trail" is now a great place to walk Fido in Renton! Notes. donate to earn trail karma! Hikes east of the Lake: Bellevue, Kirkland, etc. The trail dips to cross Rock Creek, then climbs to reach SE 244th St. Now you are in the incorporated part of Maple Valley, and the setting becomes more suburban. Loading... Unsubscribe from bobbybr30? The Cedar River Trail follows the Cedar River from where it enters Lake Washington in the City of Renton upriver to the community of Landsburg at the boundary of the City of Seattle’s Cedar River Watershed. TRAIL INFORMATION Trail Distance e to Return Time to Return Terrain Comments Coho Loop Trail a (from Hatchery and back) 1.1 km return 30 minutes Flat, a few short climbs and stairs. Just before you reach the ridge, look sharp for an unsigned but well-used trail heading into the forest. Now comes a tricky part. The Cedar River mostly extends through an area of hills with moderate to steep slopes, sharp ridge crests, and remnants of the old, nearly level plains eroded by water and wind. You can tour the Cedar River Watershed and hike nearby trails. trails AT Valley. Going north, it snakes its way through downtown Renton and up to the reservoir in Jefferson Golf Course. 100% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0 Comments. Cedar River Pipeline trail/road. City of Seattle owns the Cedar River Pipeline trail, but has no south of the river is on the left at the entrance to the Cedar River When completed, the Green to Cedar Rivers Trail will be an 11-mile-long trail that follows an abandoned railroad route, intersecting with the Cedar River Trail in the north and terminating along the Green River in the south, near Flaming Geyser State Park. However, the five mile section from Maple Valley to Landsburg leaves the noisy vicinity of the highway and follows a curving course through a woodsy river valley. Copyright © 2010-2013. See how we maintain these services for you. This site uses cookies from Google to deliver its services and to analyze traffic. Duration. It connects Renton to Maple Valley. right side of the road. Trail Rankings #1 in Escanaba River State F … #506 in Michigan #40,082 Overall. This is a start of a network of trails that parallel the Pipeline Trail, and offer a rustic alternative to walking on the service road. The pipeline section is similarly groomed, but rolling. In Maple Valley it connects to the Cedar to Green River Trail at mile 12.3. The Metro 907 bus has a sparse schedule, so to avoid a long, boring wait by the edge of the highway, you will have to pay attention to the time you arrive back at Maple Valley . miles of it, but the road itself continues and can be ridden for 3.5 Learn about our ongoing maintenance of these pipes and how this work can impact your neighborhood. The main highlight of the trail is the Cedar River itself, here a clear, fast-moving mountain stream. left and proceed down the hill toward the river. Trails on the east side of the site extend between the Cedar River Trail and Seattle's Pipeline Road, through the east side of Rock Creek Natural Area, and onto Danville/Georgetown (Maple Ridge Highlands) Open Space just to the east. many more and is the entrance to the Cedar River Trail. The trails in the surrounding forest vary greatly, ranging from straight to winding, and narrow to wide. Event Results. The Cedar River Trail was the former mainline of the Milwaukee Road. Skip navigation Sign in. Its upper watershed is a protected area called the Cedar River Watershed, which provides drinking water for the greater Seattle area. 52 miles - Cedar Valley Nature Trail connects Waterloo/Cedar Falls with Cedar Rapids and many towns in between. At the 248th street crossing, there is You are now hiking on the abandoned right-of-way of the Milwaukee Railroad, a major railroad line which once offered passenger and freight service all the way to Chicago. It is open for non-motorized use and parallels State Route 169 for much of its length. website for it; there is some info at King Cty Parks' Black Diamond Trail Coalition. maintenance trucks. area on the north side of the river, again on the left, has room for One of Wisconsin's first 'Rail-Trails', the Red Cedar State Trail from Menomonie to County Y offers a pleasant ride through a rural countryside along the scenic Red Cedar River. The river supports major salmon runs, and in season the waters are filled with the huge, bright orange fish. Look for the Walsh Lake Ditch, cutting through Big Bend, as well as wetlands, bluffs, and a mixed forest of vivid deciduous trees as well as evergreens. The Cedar River Trail itself is a flat and wide rails-to-trails gravel path. The Cedar River drains into Puget Sound via Lake Washington and the Lake … See also Danville-Georgetown trails for King County Trail ... winds along the Cedar River to/from Maple Valley and Renton. The road west of Landsberg Road is closed to the public. Local Trail Association. Rate Quality . Trailhead of the Cedar River Trail northwest along the south bank of the Cedar River (the county's Cedar River Trail is on the north Eventually this trail rejoins the main Cedar River Trail at the far side of the river bend. The trail is often shaded; oak, birch, elm, aspen are m… crosses SE 248th St. Share with: bicycles, pedestrians, dogs, utility About two miles from Landsburg Road, you cross SE 248th St. Continue on the Pipeline Trail as it continues through a pleasant wooded stretch, the Rock Creek Natural Area. The Benefits of Becoming an ATRA Member. All Rights Reserved. Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance. Length 7.8 mi Elevation gain 308 ft Route type Out & Back Held on Sep 12, 2015. River off of Landsberg Road. Trail List | Date. By using this site, you agree to its use of cookies. There is access to some nice riverside beaches perfect for picnics. Access this area by parking at the Cedar River Trailhead, at Landsburg Road SE. The grade is flat, there are no hill climbs, making this an excellent ride for "seasoned citizens" and families with kids. The bus eventually passes under the Highway 18 overpass and continues into the developed Wilderness Village area in Maple Valley. miles before being blocked off by roads and subdivisions in Maple It is a slight climb most of the way up river, so I would recommend starting down river and working up, so you will have an easier ride back. Mileage. Transfer to Metro 907 at the transit center. bank). The 1.5-mile hike one way follows the pipeline as it snakes between the tracks and the riverbank before crossing over the river. This video is unavailable. Weather. The Cedar River Trail is now paved (wide, like all rail trails should be) from where it crosses under I 405 to the intersection with the 'Green To Cedar River Trail'. Alternate parking (yellow marker) for a trailer or two can be had where the Cedar River Pipeline Eventually the row of houses on your right ends, replaced by the forested Dorre Don Natural Area. This rough but serviceable path descends down a steep slope to the flat lands below. Get off the bus at SE 240th St. Cross the Maple Valley Highway at the stoplight and walk along SE 240th, which passes through a forested area, then enters a suburban development. Lake Wilderness Park and Cedar-to-Green Rivers Trail, Pickering Farm and Lake Sammamish State Park, Redmond Watershed Preserve to Downtown Redmond, Tolt Pipeline Trail and Fermented Beverage Tour, Beach Hike from Richmond Beach to Carkeek Park, Jetty Island and the City of Everett waterfront, Cedar River Trail-Renton to Lk. Vegetation in the corridor is open woodland along the river and more dense woodland on the ridge crests as you approach Fullerton. The pipeline section is similarly groomed, but rolling. The trail is not relentless, but always changing, creating a playful trail run course. A good trail branching right is well worth following as it follows the Cedar River around the bend. Conditions History. More Stats for Cedar River Trail mountain bike trail. Green-to-Cedar River Trail: Cedar River Trail: Cedar River Pipeline trail: Ravensdale Retreat Natural Area: Sawyer Woods/Black Diamond Natural Area: Green River Natural Area/O'Grady Park: Enumclaw Forest Trails/'Transfer Station' $ Mt Baldy/Griffin Russell trails $ Mud Mountain: West King County - Vashon The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Big Bend Natural Area website (officially: Water Repair Seattle Public Utilities maintains 1,600 miles of water pipes. Cedar River Pipeline & Big Bend Horse Trails "Danville-Georgetown Equestrian Park" Road Map. 20 Views Last Month 135 Since Jun 26, 2019 Easy. The Cedar River Pipeline road, or trail, leads from the Landsberg Trailhead of the Cedar River Trail northwest along the south bank of the Cedar River (the county's Cedar River Trail is on the north bank). As you proceed along the trail, the scenery gradually becomes more wooded and rural-feeling. A campground is located along the trail at McFarlane Park. Information about your use of this site is shared with Google. The land behind the fence is a heavily bulldozed area of bare dirt - according to a local walker I talked to, a housing subdivision is going to be built there. To get to downtown Seattle, catch the Metro 101 bus. See how we maintain these services for you. Soon the trail crosses the Cedar River on a picturesquely rusty steep bridge, where you can admire the clear, rushing waters of the Cedar River. ... Sewer Repair Seattle has over 1,200 miles of sewer pipe. You can tour the Cedar River Watershed and hike nearby trails. Learn about our ongoing maintenance of these pipes and how this work can impact your neighborhood. Experience the sights and sounds of urban wildlife along McCloud's Run, Cedar Lake, and the Cedar River. Trail Guide  | Loading... Close. from either side of the road at various points along the first few Map. Parking for: 8+ trailers at No photos available. Cedar River Watershed Education Center Duvall Farmers Market Local Roots Farm Stand First Light Farm Carnation Farmers Market Remlinger Farms Baxter Barn North Bend Farmers Market Tolt Pipeline Trail East Tolt MacDonald Park Snoqualmie Point and Rattlesnake Mtn. Mixed forests, rocky outcrops, old cedar snags and scenic river crossings. kingcountyexecutive Back Flat. No steep or major climbs. After 3/4 of a mile you reach 233rd Way SE, where you started the epic loop walk. Sinking of pipe across cedar river bobbybr30. Really the geese have pooped all over the sidewalks but still a very relaxing Both trails are bikable, but on ballast from that point on and are very wooded. Farther along, you approach a fence marking the end of the publicly accessible part of the trail. Photos. Ride Metro 907 back to the Downtown Renton Transit Center. Go left and follow the trail in a northwest direction. From downtown Seattle, catch the Metro 101 bus in the Bus Tunnel and ride it to the Downtown Renton Transit Center. (Hobart). Event Dates. The Cedar River Trail itself is a flat and wide rails-to-trails gravel path. The parking area The trail runs 12 miles from Duvall to Bothell. Held on Sep 13, 2014 . and Black Diamond, the intersection of Maple Valley Highway 169 and Much of the trail parallels the Maple Valley Highway, making for poor walking experience. Unknown See History. Kent Kangley Road/Highway 516), go east on Kent-Kangley Road and take the first left onto SE Dogs are also able to use this trail. The Cedar River Trail, or CRT, is a 17.3-mile long paved and unpaved pathway located to the southeast of Seattle in King County in Western Washington State. From the east edge of the park, it’s another mile to the end of the trail at Landsburg Park, where there is a developed traihead and parking area off Landsburg Road. Contact, native grasses and wildflowers have been established along sections of the trail and offer vivid floral displays of nativeIowa prairie. Rate Difficulty. Cedar River Pipeline workers with equipment, 1923 Item 2021, Engineering Department Photographic Negatives (Record Series 2613-07), Seattle Municipal Archives. find trail maps, reviews, photos & driving directions on Search. A second bridge is crossed in another 3/4 mile and a third bridge 1.5 miles later. The Cedar River is a river in the U.S. state of Washington. Pasture and cropland will be found in the open landscape along the river. ranging from straight to winding, and narrow to wide. Current Trail Conditions Update Conditions. The trails are rocky with river rock in … The west side has a small trail system which is accessible at the SE 252nd Street terminus off of 238th Ave SE in … Lowering of pipeline in river - Duration: 3:55. The trail crosses the river on three large steel bridges, scenic spots to view the river and its salmon. information on the area. Bicyclists, walkers, and joggers will find scenic river views, numerous minor rock formations, several railroad trestles, lots of wildlife, and a pair of historical sites.